March 2014
Always Skipping Girl - Fitzroy Victoria
February 2014
Get Tangled GT Skull t-shirt print | TANGLEHEAD.COM
January 2014
Painting on the Visual Arts building at Southern Cross Universtiy.
January 2014
Commissioned Ponchmen Mural.
January 2014
A bit of live painting at the Byron Bay Falls Festival.
December 2013
25 Keipron Orwaise heads t-shirt print | TANGLEHEAD.COM
Decmeber 2013
A rollerdoor in the Lismore Back Alley Gallery.
December 2013
Painted this Keipron Orlwaise face in the Lismore Back Alley Gallery on the weekend.
November 2013
90cm x 90cm - Spray paint on board
November 2013
This painting titled "TUES BATMAN" placed me as a finalist along side a bunch of other awesome Australian artists in the very first Stupid Krap Red Book Art Prize.
Get a Stupid Krap Red Book from Blurb here
September 2013
Tanglehead Studio has been relocated to the new PINK Mothership HQ.
September 2013
The March of the Muchachos.
August 2013
The Lismore Back Allery Gallery Stage 5. August 31 - September 1 2013. Get there..
July 2013
Retrospect Galleries in collaboration with Marvel Street Gallery presents KEEP YOUTH. An exhibition advocating the art of never growing up. July 25th Retrospect Gallery Byron Bay.
NO NOTICE - 11-25 May 2013
May 2013
This is a solo show I put on with very little notice to coincide with Stage 4 of the Back Alley Gallery paint jam held on the weekend. It opened May 11 in downtown Lismore in a vacant space I took over for the 2 weeks. Opening night pics David Andreas Photo & Film
May 2013
All The Time Divided Into One.
April 2013
Detail of a skateboard I painted for the Early Skateboards "Love U Longtime" exhibition at the Marvell Street Gallery Byron Bay - FULL DECK HERE
Play On Words: BM vs BW vs AUSTIN
February 2013
Works on paper for the Play On Words group show at 33.3 Gallery.
October 2012
13 skeleton heads t-shirt print | TANGLEHEAD.COM
May 2012
A t-shirt print. | TANGLEHEAD.COM
Tanglehead Screenprints
February 2012
I've been screenprinting my designs onto shirts for a while now and after getting a 6 colour carousel a while back I thought it was time to harness it's mightyness and expand beyond my single-colour-designs-for-shirts design streak, so I created this 4 colour 4 face print.
Get 'em and more here at.. TANGLEHEAD.COM
Petits Travaux
December 2011
9x25x25 - Retrospect Gallery Byron Bay Australia 2 ~ 22 DEC 2011
Paste Modernism 3 - OUTPOST 2011
November 2011
I sent a few paste ups to Sydney including this hand painted 1.5 metre high READ THIS poster to be part of the Paste Modernism 3 exhibition held at OUTPOST on Cockatoo Island Sydney.
HereSay Print Exhibition
September 2011
One of my prints for the HereSay Exhibition for printmaking at Next Gallery Lismore Australia.
KEIPRON ORLWAISE - Main Time / Edition of 11
March 2011
KEIPRON ORLWAISE - Artist Trading Cards / Edition of 60
November 2010
Ms Browns Lounge Artist Trading Card Project 2010.
Opens Friday 3rd December at 6pm at Barratt Galleries

Design Federation Book 2010
November 2010
Honored to be included in the debut "Number 1" edition of the Design Federation Book.
Semi-Permanent Book 2010 v2
October 2010
Beardy Skull saying "HELLLLOOOOO" to Wonder Woman has been published in Version 2 of the Semi-Permanent Book 2010. You can get hold of the book from Design is Kinky from their shop
Visual Response #03: Portrait
October 2010
1st place in the Australian INfront - Visual Response Portrait competition.
CaperOnAlways Book
July 2010
I put a bunch of artworks and photos together into a book. It has 40 pages and you can get it online from Blurb books.
War & Peace | Ones & Twos | Odds & Evens | T-SHIRT
May 2010
Single colour screenprint on cotton t-shirt. This T-Shirt design has a few different names and is available at the TANGLEHEAD site. TANGLEHEAD.COM
Semi-Permanent Book 2010
March 2010
This crazy portrait I did got published in the 2010 Semi-Permanent Book.
Semi-Permanent Book 2009 v2
November 2009
A drawing I made called THEY has been published in Version 2 of the Semi-Permanent Book 2009. You can get hold of the book from Design is Kinky in their shop
Fish Getting Pissed on an Database
June 2009
Screen Australia added my animation Fish Getting Pissed on a Semi to the online Screen Australia Film and Television Database
Semi-Permanent Book 2009
April 2009
Beardy features in the Semi-Permanent Book 2009. You can get hold of the book from DiK
A Doco Animated
November 2008
An ironically incomplete animation that features a few characters speaking about their experiences working with Toxic Dutchies Animation Studios.
Fish Getting Pissed on Tour
June 2008
An animation I made called Fish Getting Pissed on a Semi will be featured as part of the following festivals:

Melbourne International Animation Festival - 16-22 June 08 -
Portable Film Festival - August 08 -
London International Film Festival - 1-7 September 08 -
Australian International Animation Festival -
Bendigo - La Trobe University - 27-28 June 08
Sydney - University of Technology - 17-18 October 08
Adelaide - Mercury Cinema - 24-26 October 08
Brisbane - Globe Theatre - 28 & 30 October 08
Woodford - Woodford Folk Festival - 29 Dec 08- 1 Jan 09